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Contact: Steve Wells

The Hope Center Uganda is an orphanage and school in Uganda, Africa located in the Mityana District. The need for a registered orphanage and school was so great, that the Director and her family left everything and everyone they knew in the United States to care for the children of Mityana. We have a wonderful relationship with local police, which enables us to receive many of the children who are orphaned, abandoned, or abused. We provide love, care, and Christian education to almost 30 children at the orphanage. Our primary goal is for a child to be reunited with their family or relatives whenever safely possible. This may take time, or in some cases be impossible in which case we will continue to care for the child. The Hope Center School also provides a Christian education to village children at a very minimal cost. The meal they receive at school can, in many cases, be the only meal they receive all day.

In addition to the orphanage and school, The Hope Center also has a village medical outreach ministry in which we go into surrounding villages and help with deworming, education against jiggers, and helping with basic hygiene and medical needs.

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Central & South America

CALMS is a grassroots mission society closely connecting congregations and ministries in both the USA and Central America and dedicated to helping fulfill the Great Commission by making and growing disciples of Jesus.

Trinity/HOPE has been feeding children attending Lutheran schools in Haiti since 1998 providing a daily meal for over 24,000 children, teachers and cooks in 118 schools throughout the country.