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Chili Cook-Off

Saturday, Feb. 6 from 4 to 7 pm
Fellowship Hall

Includes: Kolaches, cinnamon rolls, and veggies. Freewill donation.

Christ Lutheran Church is sponsoring the Trinity/HOPE feeding program in Chincheron located in the Arachaie District and there are 167 students and several teachers who are very thankful for this blessing. 80% of the children in Chincheron will have no breakfast before walking to school. One meal for one child costs just over a quarter a day. Trinity HOPE is currently providing noon meals for over 20,000 children throughout Haiti at 104 schools. 100% of these children are being taught about the life and love of Jesus Christ and are being fed a noon meal of rice and beans, every day they are in school.

The ninth annual Chili Cook-Off is to create awareness, request prayers, and raise money to feed all the children and teachers at the Lutheran school in Cincheron, Haiti through Trinity Hope.