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1st Communion Class

Students in grades 5-7 are eligible to be admitted (along with a parent) to a six-hour course taking place during Lent entitled "The Basics of Holy Communion” taught by one of the pastors.   Those who complete this course will be eligible to take their first Holy Communion at the Maundy Thursday service.
A side note – 8th grade students, if they have not already taken this early Communion class, receive instruction in their confirmation classes and receive their first Communion on the day of their Confirmation.

We anticipate that young people from the church will take this course and begin to receive Holy communion at various ages – it is our fervent hope that 5th grade will be the age for some but that others will wait "until they are ready”.  Peer Pressure is to be discouraged here, as we are dealing with a person’s relationship to Jesus Christ.
• The young person must show evidence of faith, including regular attendance at both worship and Sunday School during the previous two years.
• The young person must desire to receive the Body and Blood of Christ.
• The young person must have the approval of parent(s) and Pastor prior to communion.