Pilgrimage to Israel in May 2019

After touring Israel now twice (and leading the 2016 tour) Pastor & Melinda Scheich now want to share their experience with about 20-25 others.  First question everyone asks: is it safe? Answer: yes - we never once felt insecure while there.  Next question: is it worth going? Answer: After my last pilgrimage, the most fulfilling thing I heard from one of the participants was, "If I never go on another trip, I’ll miss nothing. But if I had not gone on this trip, I’d have missed everything!” Don’t go through your life missing everything. Join us in walking in the footsteps of Jesus; join us in getting to know Jesus in a new and fresh way. Join us in this pilgrimage to the very places where He was born, taught, healed, lived, died and rose again. 

We're planning on returning to Israel May 1-11, 2019 and would like to take you with us.

Contact Pastor Scheich for more information.


Pictures from the Scheich's 2015 Trip